Scary Lilys Halloween Dress Up Game

Check out Scary Lilys Halloween Dress Up Game by KralOyun.

Dress up Lily in awesome, spooky Halloween costumes with creepy accessories in Scary Lilys Halloween Dress Up Game

Doing the artwork as well, KralOyun managed to make the game look really lovely and spooky. The character you can customize looks awesome, as well as the various clothes, dresses and costumes. The backgrounds are beautifully spooky, too.

On the character, you can customize everything from the face, the hairstyle, to the style, color and patterns on her clothes. The make up part of the game ist neat, too. You can manually apply the lipstick, eyeshadows and such, creating the perfect creepy look you like.

Have fun playing Scary Lilys Halloween Dress Up Game! If you enjoyed it, give it a share, show it to your friends!