Create a Naruto Character Avatar

Create a Naruto Character AvatarIn this avatar creator you’ll be able to recreate your favorite Naruto character or create a brand new one!

Also here is another, even more detailed, Naruto Character Creator, so be sure to check that out, too!

Let’s take a break from all of the action and create our very own Naruto character. Customize the hair, the clothes and even the facial features, with a wide variety of alternatives to choose from. The game offers a nice choice of premade pieces of clothes. You can pick from different headbands, shirts, undershirts, pants, shoes or cool accessories and weapons such as sunglasses, reading glasses, cool masks or bandanas and a huge cleaver sword or a katana. To finish your creation you can pick from one of the blurred-out background images. Create a Naruto Character Avatar now for free on

Come create your own Naruto anime avatar from the lovely TV show. Play Create a Naruto Character Avatar online game and have fun!