Spooky Doll Creator Game

Looking for a creator where you can create a really spooky, sinister-looking doll? Then you should definitely check out Spooky Doll Creator by Pichichama.

Spooky Doll Creator is colorful and has a lot of customization options

With her artwork, Pichichama managed to make the game look properly creepy. The colors, the scary facial expressions or the dark background pictures all contribute to the creepy look of the game.

To create your spooky doll, you can start by building the face. Pick the eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears and mouth, add various grazes and scars or colorful tattoos. Nexy you can customize and color the hair. Pick and color an outfit. Choose cool earrings, necklaces and headwear. Finally you can pick from various hand gestures with or without creepy items.

Have fun playing Spooky Doll Creator. If you enjoyed the game, share it with your friends!