Naruto Character Creator

Looking for a Naruto character creator or a Naruto OC creator? If so, then have a look at Naruto Character Creator by Hapuriainen. It might be the creator you’re looking for!

Naruto OC Creator? Naruto Character Creator by Hapuriainen

Hapuriainen‘s Naruto Character Creator is a nice little creator that lets you recreate your favorite female and male Naruto character or combine and create a new one! The game lets you customize a lot of things. For example the hairstyle. It is super customizable. You can put it together from three parts and there is a nice variety to the parts, so the possibilities are huge. The same goes with the outfits. There are various styles and colors of skirts, pants, shoes, vests, fishnets, shirts, dresses, kimonos, coats, capes and accessories.

You can also customize the skin color, the shape and type of the eyes and eyebrows. And you can add colorable fingernails and toenails, and some face marks.

Have fun playing Naruto Character Creator by Hapuriainen! If you liked the creator, give it a share, show it to your fellow Naruto fans!