Manga Creator Vampire Hunter Page 3

This is the third one of Rinmaru’s vampire hunter themed manga creators. In this one you can of course create the third page of your manga about classy vampires and tough vampire hunters. Manga Creator Vampire Hunter Page 3. Other vampire hunter manga creators by Rinmaru.

Manga Creator Vampire Hunter Page 3 is the third game of a new series of manga creators by Rinmaru featuring artwork by Princeofredroses.

This third manga creator lets you cretate a page where a girl, probably a young vampire (your choice), clashes her sword with a huge, muscular man (again it’s up to you who that is). Whether these two fight with the intention of killing one another, or just for sport, that’s up to you! You can play around with the characters’ facial expressions by changing the shape of the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. Hairstyles can be changed, too. You can put together a few nice ones from two parts and pick the color. Next the game has a few premade, stylish outfits for each character for you to pick from. Then there are some accessories such as hats, earrings, necklaces, weapons monocles or spectacles. You can of course add five styles of speech bubbles and type in whatever you like your characters to say. Last but not least, you can pick from some nicely drawn backgrounds and apply photo filters to set the mood of your manga page.

Have fun creating the third page of your vampire hunter manga in Manga Creator Vampire Hunter Page 3! Who knows how the story will unfold?

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