Manga Creator School Days Page 16

Manga Creator School Days Page 16Romantic school days with your crush are back in Manga Creator School Days page 16.¬†Play this really neat¬†manga creator by Rinmaru with perfect artwork by PrinceOfRedroses, where you can create a manga page with a girl and her crush! Change their facial features such as the shape of the eyebrows, the color and shape of the eyes and the shape of the mouth, creating different facial expressions. You can also customize their hairstyles and dye their hair some nice colors, you can pick from a set of school uniforms as well as casual clothes and cute accessories. It wouldn’t be a manga creator without speech bubbles. You can put in a few different types and type your own text into them. Last but not least, to set the scene, the game has a set of beautiful backgrounds for you to pick from. Have fun making your own manga page in Manga Creator School Days page 16. If you enjoyed the game, be sure to hit the share button and share it with your friends.