Manga Creator School Days Page 14

Create a neatly drawn manga page with two school friends obsessing about Pocky Sticks in Manga Creator School Days Page 14! The game was made by Rinmaru and features neat and colorful artwork by PrinceOfRedroses.

This manga creator has got two female characters, who can be customized a little bit. You can change each of the characters’ facial expression by changing the shape of the mouth, the eyebrows and the eyes. Then you can change the color of the eyes and hair. Hairstyles can be changed, too, you can put them together from two parts. Then you can pick from a few differently styled outfits for different occasions and add some cute accessories such as rabbit ears or nice earrings.

The game of course has got a number of really neat and colorful backgrounds to help set the scene of your manga page. Most importantly, you can add four types of speech bubbles and type your own text into them.

Have fun creating a manga page with two school friends and a box of yummy Pocky Sticks in Manga Creator School Days Page 14! If you enjoyed the game, use your share button below the game and share it with your friends.