Haunted Portrait Creator

Express your dark, sinister self in Haunted Portrait Creator by Rinmaru featuring eerily creepy artwork by FeliceMelancholie.

This neat little creator game lets you create really spooky looking portraits of a lady. You can change her facial features such as the shape of the eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows or the overall shape of the face. Then you can put together a three-part hairstyle, choose from a selection of nice dresses and add a few accessories. You can also choose a few hand poses and items such as a book, a serrated dagger or a mysterious domino.

The picture and the room it is in can be customized, too. You can choose from a few ragged wallpapers, differently textured canvases and different style picture frames, as well as add some blood splatters and smears to create the creepy look you like.

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